Dr. Sanchez is a Psychologist, and Certified Executive/Success Coach, Speaker, and Trainer who has specialized in Neuropsychology and Organizational/Business consulting for over 17 years. The Organizational Consulting & Leadership Development component of her practice is devoted to a holistic transformational approach to leadership.

Through the years of her recognized corporate career, Dr. Sanchez has served in various capacities including executive, staff, and support level positions.  Her combined experience has enabled her to gain a wide range of leadership experiences in, but not limited to, the following areas: Strategic Operations, Operational Planning, Leadership Development and Training, Human Resources, Employee Retention, Conflict Management, Recruiting and Applicant Screening, Project and Budget Management, Finance Accountability, Sales, Customer Service, Compliance, and Marketing. Her expertise extends to the use of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Psychology and evidenced based practices to help individuals develop and implement strategies that will enhance their personal and professional effectiveness.

Dr. Sanchez has been mentored by some of the most prominent thought leaders in the industry-including John Maxwell. She is extremely passionate about helping to develop the maximum

Dr. Aimee V. Sanchez, Ph.D. is a Neuropsychologist, Award Winning Bestselling Author, Executive Coach, and Speaker specializing in Organizational/Business Consulting and Coaching for high performing individuals, teams, and organizations. After more than 20 years she is still fully dedicated to studying, understanding, and creating solutions to assist high achievers with reaching their maximum potential. Utilizing evidence based practices and tools to assist individuals, teams, and organizations with optimizing peak performance; and to bring strategic alignment with missions, values, and goals.

A compelling and disruptive force, her programs, trainings, and workshops guide clients and audiences through powerful experiences. They challenge their fears, walk into their own power while shattering glass ceilings, and experience exponential growth and fulfillment. An internationally sought after speaker, Dr. Sanchez is a leading expert in the field of Organizational Consulting, and Leadership Development. Showcasing her endless energy, charisma and “down-to-earth” approach her keynote presentations help clients and audiences go deep and move forward with momentum.

Dr. Sanchez teaches her clients to achieve maximum impact by helping them gain the competitive advantage professionally and rewire their lives for success by outlining strategic next level outcomes. She is the creator of the innovative Rewired4Gr8 Success Program For Women Leaders which has a strong track record for getting early and mid-career women to step onto the leadership track in record time.

Additionally, her results driven Rewired4Gr8 Success individual and group coaching programs designed for early, mid, and career transitioning professionals, CEOs, and Business owners help them cultivate critical leadership abilities which directly impact the bottom line.

Dr. Sanchez has partnered with Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, non-profit organizations, professional associations, women’s leadership networks in organizations, women’s associations across sectors, and some of the most influential men and women in the business world, to help high performers Lead to Win, and overcome the most common barriers to achieving professional success.

Dr. Sanchez is an award winning, 3x best-selling author and industry expert featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, A/E and Bravo, Walls Street Journal, and USA Today. In her book, Disrupt the Status Quo she digs deep into the connection between mindset and business strategy. Her most recent international bestselling book with Kevin Harrington (Founder of As Seen on TV, and one of the original Sharks, on the Shark Tank series) titled, “Put a Shark In Your Tank: Signature Innovators Edition – Volume 2.1,” is centered around helping leaders and organizations remain innovative in an evolving economy.

Dr. Sanchez has a mission to impact 1 million leaders, and has created specialized programs for women leaders—as well as those to help organizations draw a direct connection between Diversity and Inclusion and, organizational outcomes.

She has taught her effectiveness techniques across the United States, at both for-profit and nonprofit organizations.

Connect with Dr. Sanchez at [email protected] and at www.dravsanchez.com or on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aimee-v-sanchez-ph-d-26a355141/